Our research-based workshops are interactive, practical, and, most of all, applicable.  All of our workshops are tech-free to allow participants to unplug and maximize face-to-face interactions.  The workshops utilize cutting-edge research to address salient business needs for the 21st century workplace.  They generally last two hours and the ideal size is between 20-30 people, but we will work together to find the format that fits best with your organization's needs. 

Here are the topics we offer:


We've all heard the stereotypes about Millennials.  This workshop covers the actual distinctions between the generations at work to enable Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers to authentically connect with each other.  This workshop is available to Millennials themselves and to leaders who manage Millennials.


In an 'always-on' culture where we can work from anywhere at any time, the lines between work and the other areas of life have become blurred.  In this workshop, you will learn practical tools so your work becomes a healthy part of your life.


One of the ways our job can mean more than work is when it aligns with our core values.  This workshop is designed to help you identify your own and your people's values in order to be an Authentic Leader.  


This workshop shifts the focus from 'what's wrong' to 'what's right' and enables participants to identify and apply their own strengths at work, as well as identify the strengths of their people.

Limiting distractions and FINDing YOUR ZONE

In the digital age of constant distraction, this workshop provides strategies for individuals and teams to be 'in the zone' at work and unlock their potential.  This workshop is based on Matt's research on the theory of flow.


While our IQ remains constant throughout our adult lives, we can improve our EQ if we put in the time.  At work, studies show that emotional intelligence enhances career success and leadership effectiveness.  This workshop is designed to provide participants with the tools and strategies to enhance their EQ at work to ultimately enhance their connections with their team, lead with empathy, and deal with stress more effectively.